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Captains for Clean Water x Costa 2023 Steward of the Year Finalist

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@costasunglasses The fight to protect our coasts rests on the shoulders of the guides, anglers and business owners willing to join the frontlines and use their voice for change. Costa proudly supports @captainsforcleanwater and their unwavering commitment to restoring Florida’s native water flow. 

Every year at the ICAST industry tradeshow, Costa and Captains collaborate to recognize the outstanding individuals that serve as true stewards of clean water and make an undeniable impact in their communities.

In addition to having their name added to this annual trophy passed down from other legendary anglers, Costa contributes a $5000 donation to @captainsforcleanwater on behalf of the recipient each year. 

This year, Captains has assembled a new panel of voters to anoint one of the following very deserving nominees as the Steward of the Year:


CAPT. TYLER KAPELA - St. Petersburg 


WESLEY LOCKE - Florida Keys 

The 2023 #StewardofTheYear nominees will be honored, and the winner announced at ICAST on Tuesday, July 11th. We look forward to unveiling the winner and extend our humble gratitude to all the nominees for their commitment to their communities.

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Near-Record Tarpon Caught and Released in Tampa Bay

The first tarpon caught by this Florida angler fishing with a veteran guide might have been one of the heaviest silver kings ever caught in the Sunshine State.

Captain Tyler Kapela was looking to net some “pass crabs” for use as tarpon bait in a backwater feeder creek off Tampa Bay, Florida, with father-son team of local chartering anglers, Dylan and Nils Diaz on the afternoon of May 15. They were interrupted by a large splash produced by an even bigger fish.

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Tom Rowland Podcast: Tyler Kapela - Hit and Run Fishing Charters - Episode #687

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Tyler Kapela is a guide based in the Tampa Bay area who’s fishing experience has gone way beyond the state of Florida. Tyler has fished the waters of French Polynesia, Australia, Costa Rica, the Bahamas and much more. Tyler also recently caught the potential state record for a tarpon in Florida with a monstrous 86” fork length and 44” girth measurement, the weight clocks in somewhere between 228lbs-248lbs. Along with his “Hit and Run” charter service, Tyler is a content creator on Youtube managing the WATERMAN’S WAY account and very involved with Captains For Clean Water.

Tarpon Fishing Tactics

"It's Tarpon Time!


Tarpon are tough to catch, hard to fight and have long been thought of as a bucket-list kind of fish. Capt. Tyler Kapela is here to help you cross this fish off your list! Listen in as he shares the best types of spots to find feeding tarpon, the best baits, gear, and the most common mistakes.


Capt. Tyler also shares some insight into:

- The best days to fish for tarpon

- How tides play into finding the bait and the tarpon

- The most effective way to prepare and hook your bait

- And much more


If you want to have the best shot at hooking, fighting, and landing a tarpon this year, then listen and watch!"

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Fisherman Covers Himself in Dead Fish in Red Tide Protest

"Hit and Run Charters captain Tyler Kapela says it's getting harder and harder to find parts of Tampa Bay to take customers.


"Basically the entire middle part of the bay is dead right now. Like, nothing can live in that water," Kapela told FOX 13.


Kapela recorded a video that has since gone viral, with more than 200,000 views on Instagram, in which he covered himself with large dead fish, including a goliath grouper and a rotting tarpon to try to get the attention of state leaders who can help, including Gov. DeSantis."

How to Fix Florida's Phosphate Problem

"How you can hold those in charge accountable and help prevent disasters like those at Piney Point from happening again?" -Florida Sportsman Magazine

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